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Language News: Why Palin doesn’t need National Grammar Day – CNN.com

CNN puts its own spin on National Grammar Day with a nod towards descriptive rather than prescriptive rules.  Check it out: Why Palin doesn’t need National Grammar Day – CNN.com. Don’t forget about this one: LingEducator | Language News: National … Continue reading

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Language News: Gear Up for National Grammar Day!

The nice folks at Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus were ahead of the game this year, featuring a blog entry yesterday on National Grammar Day (today!).  You can read their take on it here: Gear Up for National Grammar Day! : Behind … Continue reading

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Language News: National Grammar Day

Today is National Grammar Day, a holiday that probably doesn’t sound very relaxing to a lot of Americans.  It hasn’t earned us any time off work yet, and even with the spunky GrammarGirl blog as the driving force behind it, … Continue reading

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