Resources: Teach Ling

Teach Ling is a website hosting linguistically oriented teaching plans–some written by linguists.  It also offers links to other linguistic resources on the web.  If you register, you may both contribute and download material

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Language News: Facebook translation

Facebook appears to have launched a new translation tool.  No gaurantees on how accurate it might be, but machine translation is defintely improving.  Let us know what you think!

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Tools: Voice Thread

Voice Thread is in app for iPad/iPod which allows you to narrate and comment on a document, and it appears to have a number of other functions too.  It would probably be very helpful both for teachers and researchers.

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Resources: Passive Voice a la Geoffrey Pullum

A recent LingEducator post on passive voice provided a number of links to sites that offered help for those trying to learn to identify this verbal inflection.  LingEducator isn’t the only grammar blog with concerns about the way that passive voice is being taught.  Geoffrey Pullum also wrote about passive voice usage for the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Lingua Franca series.  Here’s a link to Dr. Pullum’s article on prescriptive rules involving passive voice and to his summary of the grammatical qualities of passive voice on Language Log.  

These are well worth checking out if you have concerns about passive voice in your own writing or in that of your students.  As Pullum advises, it may not be as serious as you think.

P.S.  Both LingEducator and Language Log have been nominated for “bestgrammar blogs” at  Please consider voting for one of us or the other fine blogs between now and October 27.

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Resources: Online LinguaVideo List

A possum and a movie camera 1943

Image by Australian War Memorial collection via Flickr

This collection of videos at features linguists, including Ethan Zukerman, Erin McKean, Monica Heller, Steven Pinker, Eve Sweetser, Susan Savage Rumbaugh, Rebecca Wheeler, and Patrica Ryan.

Also recommended:

Bill Labov’s A Life of Learning: Six People I have learned from

Paul Kerswill’s TEDx talk, Who’s an Eastender now?

Steven Pinker’s views on Noam Chomsky’s theories of linguistics and politics

UCLA’s video of (Ladefoged’s?) Tongue

Peter Trudgill’s Languages in Contact

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Resources: International Phonetic Association

Vectorized version of Image:Cardinal vowel ton...

Image via Wikipedia

Those who are looking for phonetics resources should be sure to check out the webpage for the International Phonetic Association, which hosts IPA charts, fonts, sound files, and links to their scholarly journals.  It is very user friendly.

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Language Fun: Dougtianary

Another one of the fine blogs nominated at the “Best Blogs 2011” contest:  Dougtinary.  Featuring such fine words as broctology, POMicide, and hexterior.  Words which might not have existed without Doug.  Morphological fun for everyone!

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Language Fun: Language Joke from The Diacritics

The Diacritics is another blog that has been nominated for the “Best Grammar Blog” award on We particularly like their latest linguistic joke.

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Resources: University of the Basque Country Lab

The Language and Speech Lab at the University of the Basque Country maintains a website that highlights their research in language acquisition, speech recognition, and modeling.

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