These blogs deal with language, linguistics, linguistic anthropology, translation, or writing in one form or another.


Arnold Zwicky’s Blog:  A blog mostly about language

Arrant Pedantry

BabLa: Loving Languages (Dictionary, Vocabulary, Translation)

Endangered Languages and Cultures (Australia)

Endangered Languages

John Well’s Phonetic Blog

Language Hat

Language Log

LinguaTrek: A journey in language learning


Linguistic Anthropology

The Linguistics Zone

Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages

Motivated Grammar

New Greek

North Carolina Language and Life Project

Numerous Ways of Analyzing Change (NWAC)



Popular Linguistics Online Magazine

Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology

Sentence First

Separated by a Common Grammar

Separated by a Common Language

The Social Linguist

Speculative Grammarian

Social Science Research Network–Cog Sci


Talking Alaska:  Reflections on the Native Languages of Alaska

ThinkMap Visual Thesaurus (and Blog)

Vocalized/Vocalised: voicings about language by an American linguist in Edinburgh

Also recommended:

the Lingua Franca blog at the Chronicle of Higher Education, which often features linguists like Dr. Geoffrey Pullum and Dr. Alan Metcalf

Dr. Ben Zimmer’s writings, which can be found at on the Language Log, the ThinkMap Visual Thesaurus, the Boston Globe, and the New York Times (among other places!)

Grant Barrett’s work, which is most often found on Public Radio’s A Way with Words


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